Foxy Jackie and Wolfie

Meet Foxy Jackie and Wolfie – they are small pocket sized dolls with embroidered faces.

When I got my hands on to these soft gray and white woolly fabrics I instantly knew that little foxes and wolves would wear them proudly. I pulled their hoods on and painted them into this quiet snowy woodland set. They literally begged me to because that’s where they live. They know that great things come out of being hungry and cold. Once you’re pampered, you get lazy.

Wolfie and Foxy Jackie fabric dolls

Foxy Jackie’s shy little friend is Ludwig. They collect snowballs and adventure together.

Foxy Jackie cloth doll and her shy little fox friend Ludwig

Dollcloud Foxy Jackie soft cloth doll closeup

Wolfie’s soft hairball friend is Guido. Guido can not speak.

Wolfie fabric doll and her friend wolf Guido

Dollcloud Wolfie soft cloth doll with fox and wolf illustration

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