Paris, je t’aime! 1960s Inspired Fashion Dolls

Ooh la la! Meet Arielle, Estelle and Giselle – unparalleled fashion savvy and couture loving parisiennes. They wear sixties inspired headbands, silky dresses and lace-up leather boots.

Dollcloud Paris dolls in Patisserie JPG blog

These handmade Dollcloud fabric dolls wear the chiquest handbags – bespoke made for them from leather and fish skin and adorned with bows, roses and tassels. Golden handbag has magnetic snap under the front flap for fastening. Purple and pink bags have leather self-ties for fastening. You can open the bags and let them keep their lipsticks and perfume bottles close by. These three little handbags took me embarrasingly many hours to make.

Handmade leather handbags for fashion dolls by Dollcloud

sixties fashion dolls


Blonde Giselle is moody but she is the kindest of them three. She loves golden stuff and her morning coffee hot.

Dollcloud Paris in the 60s blue doll JPG blog.jpg




Arielle is always in love with some new very, very charming guy. She meets them loads in bookstores, operas, cafeterias and art exhibitions. They must love her raven hair and pouty lips.

Dollcloud Paris in the 60s pink doll JPG blog




Peach pink haired Estelle is in love with herself. Hence she treats her with the most sought after designer luxe – bespoke handbags and shoes, tailor made fashion and artist confectionery. She is pampered like you wouldn’t believe. Pampered vanity is a better thing perhaps than starved pride, huh.

Dollcloud-Paris-Doll-Estelle JPG blog



More doll info:

Size – approximately 17 inches (43,5 cm) tall from head to toes.

Materials – Wool fabric and poly fill stuffing for body. Cotton yarn for face embroidery. Mohair yarn for hair. Silk for clothing. Leather for accessories: handbag, booties and headband.

Clothes are removable.

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