Secret Sideproject – a Ball Jointed Doll

I  will capture brief moments of my handmade ball jointed doll making process here.

Dollmaking goals:

  • She will be a 14 inch resin doll.
  • She’s going to have glossy wavy cherry scented hair and wear killer heels.
  • She’s going to have long legs and round bouncy bum.
  • I will play with her.

I started to sculpt her from polymer clay but later turned to air drying clay as it is so much easier to fool around with. Super Sculpey Firm was so hard to get it manageably soft that my fingers literally gave up and got lost in the process.

First I sculpted her head. As I don’t have a live model I just looked at the beautiful faces in the latest Vogue.


I painted her eyes and lips with a graphite pen to get a better glimpse of her facial features. Will add ears and eyelids later.


I gave her ears and eyelids and then temporarily strung her. No belly button so far.




However I didn’t like the body any more as my original thoughts had changed. Made new body! Love the lines a lot more.




At that point my fingers gave up and I quickly grabbed soft air drying clay to continue with.

I wanted to show you her new bum before I cut it in pieces. I consider it the most essential part of human body besides some nice legs and thighs. It was so smooth and easy to make with La Doll clay.


I started to cut her in many small lovely pieces to make joints. I already cut her legs off and cut her half at chest. I’m going to make her jointed at waist too.



She has high waist.





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